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KERALOT Youth Services Center

Select A New Community Service

Tera Babb, Coordinator                                                    


  KERALOT Youth Services Center

The Family Resource and Youth Services Centers initiative was established with the passage of the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) of 1990.  The mission of our school based Center is to enhance students’ abilities to succeed in school by developing and sustaining partnerships that promotes; early leaning and successful transition into school, academic achievement and well-being and graduation and transition into adult life. Our primary goal in the Youth Services Center is to help remove non-cognitive barriers to students' learning. The KERALOT YSC is a bridge over barriers.  We assist students and families in overcoming educational barriers by providing direct services or linking families with other resources in the community.  The YSC collaborates and seeks assistance with community agencies in order to provide services needed for our families.  The services of our Center are available for every student enrolled at Christian County Middle School.  The KERALOT YSC is located across the hall from the main office to the left of the checkout window. For more information about the Youth Services Center call Karen Kennedy at 270-887-7073.


Way in which to volunteer at CCMS


Tutor students in math


Assist Teachers – Hands-on-activities in the classroom

Assist with K-PREP Testing


Leveling books for reading workshop as needed


Male Mentor Luncheon once a month

Career Speakers

Guest Speakers

Assist in the Library - Book Fair etc.

Assist in the KERALOT YSC - Backpack Program, General Office etc.


After School Events – Dance, Athletic events, etc.

Field Day

Field Trips