Dates for Registration

To get started go to (Come to CCMS during Registration to use a computer)

Click Online Registration or go through your Parent Portal

Register all students at one time


Provide during Registration

A. ONE (1) of the following:

1.  Homestead Exemption Card - reflecting Homestead Exemption within Christian County (considered family' primary residence)

2.  Property Tax Notice (may require additional verification)

3.  Home Purchase contract in Christian County specified closing date, with a copy of he deed to be provided within sixty (60) days of closing date

4. Copy of a Manifestation of Domicile filed by the parent (obtained at the Chiristian County Courthouse/the Clerk of Courts Office)

5.  A current rental or lease agreement


B.  TWO (2) of the following:

1.  A current Kentucky Driver's License

2.  Automobile Insurance (last 2 statements)

3.  A current electric billing statement with the portion showing name and service address

4.  A current water bill, cable bill, or landline phone bill (last 2 statements)